District of Columbia and US Territories Quarters Program

You may be familiar with the 50 State Quarters Program, which began in 1999. To cover all 50 states, five quarter designs were produced for each of 10 years. Now, thanks to the District of Columbia and U.S. Territories Quarters Program, there will be six design changes within 2009!
Image shows the front of a quarter, with a portrait of George Washington facing left.

The image of George Washington will remain on the front of all six quarters in the new program.

On the back, six different images will honor the district or territories of the program. These coins will be issued about 2 months apart in the order listed below. Versions will also be made in 90% silver, but for collecting, not for general spending.

Territory: District of Columbia
Reverse: Duke Ellington seated at a piano

Territory: American Samoa
Reverse: an ava bowl, fly whisk, and rod and a tropical shoreline

Territory: Guam
Reverse: the island of Guam, a flying proa (boat), and a latte (stone pillar)

Territory: Northern Mariana Islands
Reverse: a stone latte on a tropical shore, a canoe with sail, and two birds flying overhead

Territory: Puerto Rico
Reverse: a fortress guard tower overlooking the sea and two hibiscus flowers

Territory: US Virgin Islands
Reverse: tropical trees, a bird, and flowers as described, plus the three main islands
Source: http://www.usmint.gov